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LianaCEM™ - Marketing Automation

LianaCEM is a user-friendly platform for agile marketing automation. It's a part of the Liana Technologies' product family which serves over over 3000 companies around the world.

Dozens of features for effective marketing automation.

With the user-friendly LianaCEM you get an agile and customer-centric platform for marketing automation.

Marketing and PR Cloud on the digital customer journey

Click the picture to see how Liana product family offers solutions for digital touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle



Purchase decision

Loyal customer


Analytics, monitoring and marketing automation


Study: How does link placement affect the CTR of newsletters?

Avoid causing an information overflow by making the content as clear and concise as possible and paying attention to link placement.

Can analytics provide information on where the reader's attention is focused on in newsletters? Where should a CTA or Read More link be placed and how does it affect the click-through-rate of the letter? These questions were being examined by assistant professor Ashis Kumar from the Aalto University and marketing professor Jari Salo of the Oulu University. Read More 16.08.2016

Spam traps and 12 tips about deliverability

Email server providers make sure that useless spam doesn't fill our inboxes but spam filters can also filter regular newsletters.

One of the most essential areas of email marketing – and one of the most challenging as well – is making sure your emails don't get lost in spam filters. How can a marketing and communications professional make sure messages go through and what should be demanded from the provider of an email marketing tool? By following these 12 tips you can reach the best results. Read More 08.08.2016

Customers of Liana Technologies


Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer. Mazda cars are sold worldwide.

Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Koru Ltd (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures and sells high-quality jewelry.

Land Rover

Land Rover is British car brand sold worldwide. Inchcape Motors Finland suppliers Land Rover cars in Finland.


Halti is the leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor sports and recreation equipment in Finland.

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LianaCEM™ is an agile marketing automation tool that makes it easy to start doing the practical work. Marketing automation doesn't have to be a tedious IT-project – by choosing an agile platform you can quickly start from the basics and then move step by step towards a more refined automation plan.

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