Automation Benefits in Numbers

Value for money

Value for money
  • 57 % feel that marketing automation is inexpensive or worth its price (VB Insight 2015).

Visible benefits.

  • 74 % of those that use marketing automation say it's very or relatively useful for their company ( & Circle Reseach 2015).
  • 78 % marketers say marketing automation is the main reason for a better profit (The Lenskold Group 2013).

Lead number growth.

  • B2B marketers name the number and quality of leads as the most beneficial aspect of marketing automation (Pepper Global 2013, LinkedIn Tecnology Marketing Group 2015).
  • 80 % of those that use marketing automation have gotten more leads through automation (VB Insight 2015).
  • 67 % B2B marketers say the number of leads has gone up 10 %, and 15 % of respondents even reported a growth of 30 % (DemandGen 2014).

Conversion on the rise.

  • 77 % of those that use automation tell conversion has improved (VB Insight 2015).
  • Those that excel in using marketing automation have, on the average, as much as 60 % better conversion than others (PR20/20 2014).

Better messages.

  • 27 % of those that have recently started to use marketing automation feel that messages respond to the needs of the recipients better.
  • Learning also happens by doing: amongst those that have used automation for two years the same number is 74 % ( & Circle Research 2015).

Measurable goals.

  • 63 % of respondents felt that one of the best features of marketing automation is that measurable goals can be set (Gleanster 2015).
  • Other benefits are shortened sales times (23,9 % of respondents) and increased web traffic (21,1 % of respondents) (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group 2015).
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Marketing automation is versatile

Marketing automation is versatile

Marketing automation is used diversely in consumer, as well as corporate marketing. Common for both of these marketing actions is that they're measurable, sales-oriented, targeted and multi-channel- Essential uses for marketing automation are:

  • Making the routine tasks of marketing automated (Redeye & TFM&A Insights 2014) and improving the efficiency of marketing (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group 2015).
  • Improving customer experience (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014).
  • Improving email marketing (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014; Regalix 2014).
  • Lead management (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014) and nurturing (Regalix 2014).
  • Multi-channel marketing (Redeye & TFM&A Insights 2014) and combining data from different sources (Regalix 2014).
  • Birthday wishes, abandoned shopping cart reminders and similar consumer communications (eMarketer 2013).
  • Customer acquisition and customership management (ACT-ON & Gleanster Research 2015).

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