Benefits of Marketing Automation

Big Data

Big Data Samuli Tursas In LianaCEM, the data from different sources is combined to the customer’s profile, the so-called “digital footprint”. Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

A lot is talked about Big Data in the field of marketing and communications. Modern marketers have an enormous amount of fragmented customer data that they might not know how to take advantage of in real life. Gathered customer data can be transformed into concrete marketing actions with automation technology.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience Pia Hakola Improving the customer experience is one of the most important goals of marketing automation. Pia Hakola Account Director, Liana Technologies

Customer service is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about marketing automation. It is, however, exactly that. The objective of automated messages is not to force customers to buy something they don’t want. Instead the goal is to find out what they really need, suggest things they might need – and rush in when they show interest.

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Resources Ville Lehtoniemi A triggered message comes exactly when it’s timely for the recipient. This way the customer gets attention also outside the office hours. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

It’s not often realized inside organizations how many things could be taken care of with triggered communications. Marketing automation usually starts with simple automated trigger messages that make communications more relevant and timely, and save the company’s resources at the same time.

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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Juho Mattila The number of cold calls reduces when marketing automation is used. Juho Mattila Business Director, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation, Liana Technologies

One of the most important benefits of marketing automation is combining sales and marketing actions. When implementing marketing automation, common goals are defined between actions and also the point that defines when leads move from marketing to sales.

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Benefits in Numbers

Benefits in Numbers Ville Näyhä 78% of marketers say marketing automation is the main reason for better profit. Ville Näyhä Account Manager, Liana Technologies

Marketing automation is used diversely in both consumer and corporate marketing. Automation is regarded beneficial in the light of statistics, and it produces measurable results: better conversion, bigger amount of leads and better sales profit.

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What our customers think

As the amount of email people receive keeps growing , the need to offer more relevant and targeted content becomes a requirement. We also had an internal pressure to save resources and reach our goals. This made it necessary to automate some of the messaging instead of doing it by hand.
Johanna Koskela Communication Specialist, The Finnish special library Celia
We feel like we can trust Liana as a technical partner. If there's ever a problem the technical support is always ready to help. The Liana customer service is magnificent!
Terttu Niutanen Head of Communication, Sinebrychoff

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Interested? Contact us for more Information!

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