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From sales and marketing to true cooperation

From sales and marketing to true cooperation Jaakko Paalanen Sales teams want good leads and marketing teams wants to generate them. A fruitful cooperation is born when a lead that has been generated through analytics fluently moves from marketing to the use of the sales team. Jaakko Paalanen Head of Partnerships, Leadfeeder

One of the most important advantages of marketing automation is combining the tasks of sales and marketing. With the help of automation, data moves between actions in real time and interactively, and goals and functions are defined mutually and measurable.

It is important that leads are taken advantage of quickly but also that these leads are high-quality. Which one would you rather call: an unknown person X from company Y, or a person that you know visited a website of a certain field or downloaded certain material?

Respectively, with the collaboration of sales and marketing it is made sure that a new customer that has been acquired through sales is attached to the realm of marketing as well. This way the customer experience improves and everything possible can be gotten out of the customership from the get-go.

Automation in support of sales

Automation in support of sales

Nowadays most of purchase decisions happen before the customer is in any contact with a company. The buying process is fragmented, information is searched online and only a few neatly advance through the traditional sales funnel. Marketing automation offers companies new kinds of tools and ways to be present in the fragmented buying process of the customer. With it you can support and boost traditional sales work: understand, lure, recognize, nurture and maybe say goodbye. 

In the collaboration of sales and marketing it is essential to decide what defines transferring a lead from marketing to personal sales work. Is it a certain amount of events, or visiting a product info page? All the same: when the sales team calls a customer that has been nurtured towards customership with automated messages, it is everything but a "cold" call.

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We feel like we can trust Liana as a technical partner. If there's ever a problem the technical support is always ready to help. The Liana customer service is magnificent!
Terttu Niutanen Head of Communication, Sinebrychoff
The Liana Technologies support chat works like a charm. You get a solution to an acute problem immediately. After getting this kind of realtime customer support makes it hard to settle for a service that makes you wait for answers.
Anna Mäkelä Head of Communication, IAB Finland Oy

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Interested? Contact us for more Information!

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