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Existing Customer Data

Existing Customer Data Jorma Takkinen We utilize our customer data by offering a new electricity contract to customers whose contracts are about to end. 35 % of our customers renew their contracts straight from these newsletters. Jorma Takkinen Electricity Trade Expert, Kuopion Energia

Do you store your customer data in the system without exploiting it to its full potential?

Read practical examples of how to take most out of your customer data with marketing automation tools.  

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Routine Messages

View image Routine Messages Samuel Sihvola E-commerce confirmation emails are a good example of effective automated messages. As a rule, their OR is over 100 %. Samuel Sihvola Key Account Manager, Liana Technologies

Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping existing ones. 

Marketing automation helps manage your current customer relationship by automating everyday messages. 

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Generating and Nurturing Leads

View image Generating and Nurturing Leads Mari Maunu Provide lead hooks, such as guides or whitepapers, to collect more leads. Mari Maunu Marketing Coordinator, Liana Technologies

Lead generation is a crucial part of marketing automation. 

In contrast to the traditional channels, marketing automation helps you generate leads with a higher purchase potential. With the right automation chains, you can also nurture the leads to take steps towards customership.

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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns Juho Antikainen Email drip campaigns are effective for increasing customer retention and skyrocketing sales. Juho Antikainen Country Manager, Sweden, Liana Technologies

A drip campaign is an automated chain of carefully targeted messages that are triggered by certain customer behavior.

Drip campaigns can be used to guide, teach and activate customers in the long run. 

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Social Media

Social Media Juho Mattila We at Liana Technologies measured the ROI of several social media channels with the help of marketing automation. Juho Mattila Business Director, Marketing Automation, Liana Technologies

One of the most traditional ways of combining social channels to marketing automation software is automating publications on social media.

Apart from social media automation, the software combines multichannel statistics and helps you prove the ROI of different social channels. 

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Google Ads

Google Ads Elena Bezborodova The Google Ads integration saves as a lot of time as we can now create ads and combine it with marketing automation – all with a single sign-on. Elena Bezborodova Marketing Coordinator, Liana Technologies

Create search and display Google Ads right in LianaCEM interface.

Thanks to our Google integration, you can take a completely new approach to search engine advertising. Learn more. 

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Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

Do not hesitate to contact us and get to know LianaCEM better.

LianaCEM™ is an agile marketing automation tool that makes it easy and effortless to build your own automated campaigns. Marketing automation doesn't have to be a tedious IT-project – by choosing an agile platform you can quickly start from the basics and then move step by step towards a more refined automation plan.

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With the help of LianaCEM, our best-performing cross-selling campaign raised the average purchase value by 230 %
Eva-Maria Vogasianos Marketing Coordinator, Tempur Sealy
We switched from a cumbersome automation system to LianaCEM. The agility and user-friendliness of the platform were the most important criteria for choosing the system.
Tero Lintunen Operations Manager, Viasat Finland