CRM Marketing Automation - How To Collect Customer Data

Utilize existing customer data

Utilize existing customer data Tomi Saikkonen Marketing automation utilizes customer data from the CRM, websites and other systems and turns it into real marketing actions. Tomi Saikkonen Vice President, Liana Technologies, Middle East

Most companies continuously collect an enormous amount of customer data. However, the data is rarely used to its full potential, as it is spread out between different systems.

Marketing automation technology combines customer data from different sources. Based on that, you can create customer segments and send highly targeted marketing messages to achieve your main business goals.

CRM + Marketing Automation

CRM + Marketing Automation

By integrating your CRM system with marketing automation, you can deliver targeted email campaigns depending on the customer's phase or activity:

  • Offers to clients who haven’t purchased anything in a year
  • Event invitations to your prospects
  • Reminders to renew a contract sent in advance
  • Onboarding campaigns for your new customers
  • Emails collecting clients' feedback 

eCommerce + Marketing Automation

View image eCommerce + Marketing Automation

By combining eCommerce data with marketing automation, you can send various automated campaigns to drive additional sales:

  • Recommended products based on the customer's previous purchases
  • Automated emails listing complementary products 
  • An automated info package to a new customer
  • Shopping cart reminders

Booking Systems + Marketing Automation

View image Booking Systems + Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be effectively used for sending targeted messages in the booking services:

  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Newsletters listing complimentary hotel services and information about the destination
  • A dentist appointment reminder sent one day before the visit
  • A thank you email to your event's participants 

Utilizing customer data: Case Kuopion Energia

Utilizing customer data: Case Kuopion Energia Jorma Takkinen 35% of our customers renew their contracts straight from the personalized newsletters. Jorma Takkinen Electricity Trade Specialis, Kuopion Energia

Kuopion Energia utilizes their customer data to identify the clients whose electricity contracts are about to expire. Those customers receive personalized email reminders. The results of the personalized offers are exceptional: 35 % of customers renew their contracts straight from the personal newsletters. 

If a customer doesn’t renew the contract from the email, they will receive an SMS reminder. This saves up a lot of company's resources and makes the process of renewing contracts more efficient.

Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

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With the help of LianaCEM, our best-performing cross-selling campaign raised the average purchase value by 230 %
Eva-Maria Vogasianos Marketing Coordinator, Tempur Sealy
As the amount of email people receive keeps growing , the need to offer more relevant and targeted content becomes a requirement. We also had an internal pressure to save resources and reach our goals. This made it necessary to automate some of the messaging instead of doing it by hand.
Johanna Koskela Communication Specialist, The Finnish special library Celia