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Automated contact points

Automated contact points Turo Siipo We do our best to respond to a customer inquiry immediately. By setting automated messages, we make sure the responses arrive timely regardless of our work overload. Turo Siipo Enterprise Accounts Director, Liana Technologies

Every moment of interaction between the customer and your company is precious. 

By automating the routine messages, your communication strategy will become more relevant and timely, while also saving the company's resources. With an agile automation solution, your team will have more time for executing complex campaigns and reaching out to the potential clients. 

Ensure an exceptional customer experience

View image Ensure an exceptional customer experience

Provide a top-notch customer service by scheduling your marketing messages in a timely manner:

  • Welcome emails to the new newsletter subscribers
  • Automated emails offering customer support
  • Automated purchase confirmations with the customer service contact information
  • Confirmations of your events' registrations with the practical arrangements information
  • Thank you emails to the event participants asking for their feedback
  • Automated responses to inform that the feedback has been received

Exceed customer expectations

Exceed customer expectations

Surprise your customers and increase brand visibility with the automated email workflows:

  • Birthday greetings
  • Thank you notes on the anniversary of the customership
  • Emails providing nifty tips on using your products 
  • Special offers to loyal clients
  • Reminders of the upcoming events
  • Event slides to the event's attendees

Automated thank you messages: Case Lorella

Automated thank you messages: Case Lorella

Lorella, an online store selling apparel for grand women, delivers automated messages made with LianaCEM. A triggered thank you message is sent to a customer after every purchase. In the message, Lorella drives additional purchases by offering a discount code for the next order.

Triggered message chains in eCommerce, such as order confirmations, thank you messages or shipping details are an excellent opportunity to boost sales and raise brand awareness.

Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

Do not hesitate to contact us and get to know LianaCEM better.

LianaCEM™ is an agile marketing automation tool that makes it easy and effortless to build your own automated campaigns. Marketing automation doesn't have to be a tedious IT-project – by choosing an agile platform you can quickly start from the basics and then move step by step towards a more refined automation plan.

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What our customers think

We feel like we can trust Liana as a technical partner. If there's ever a problem the technical support is always ready to help. The Liana customer service is magnificent!
Terttu Niutanen Head of Communication, Sinebrychoff
We switched from a cumbersome automation system to LianaCEM. The agility and user-friendliness of the platform were the most important criteria for choosing the system.
Tero Lintunen Operations Manager, Viasat Finland