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Marketing automation benefits in numbers

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  • 98 % of marketers agree that effective marketing automation is critical to long-term business success (Econsultancy & Act-On 2017).
  • 45 % of marketing agencies rely on marketing automation platforms to show ROI (Ascend2 & SharpSpring 2017).
  • 57 % feel that marketing automation is inexpensive or worth its price (VB Insight 2015).

Visible benefits

  • 45,9 % of marketers say that marketing automation has improved customer experience (Liana Technologies 2017).
  • 74 % of those that use marketing automation say it's very or relatively useful for their company ( & Circle Reseach 2015).
  • 78 % marketers say marketing automation is the main reason for a better profit (The Lenskold Group 2013).

Benefits for sales

  • Marketers name the number and quality of leads as the most beneficial aspects of marketing automation (Liana Technologies 2017, LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group 2015, Pepper Global 2013).
  • 80 % of those that use marketing automation have gotten more leads through automation (VB Insight 2015).
  • 67 % B2B marketers say the number of leads has gone up 10 %, and 15 % of respondents even reported a growth of 30 % (DemandGen 2014).

Conversion on the rise

  • 77 % of those that use automation tell conversion has improved (VB Insight 2015).
  • Those that excel in using marketing automation have, on the average, as much as 60 % better conversion than others (PR20/20 2014).

Better messages

  • The biggest benefit of marketing automation is the improved targeting of messages (named by 68,5 % of marketers) (Liana Technologies 2017).
  • 27 % of those that have recently started to use marketing automation feel that messages respond to the needs of the recipients better. ( & Circle Research 2015).
  • Learning also happens by doing: amongst those that have used automation for two years the same number is 74 % ( & Circle Research 2015).

Measurable goals

  • 63 % of respondents felt that one of the best features of marketing automation is that measurable goals can be set (Gleanster 2015).
  • Other benefits are shortened sales times (23,9 % of respondents) and increased web traffic (21,1 % of respondents) (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group 2015).
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Marketing automation is versatile

Marketing automation is versatile

The most essential benefits of marketing automation are:

  • Making the routine tasks of marketing automated (Redeye & TFM&A Insights 2014) and improving the efficiency of marketing (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group 2015).
  • Improving customer experience (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014).
  • Improving email marketing (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014; Regalix 2014).
  • Lead management (Redeye and TFM&A Insights 2014) and nurturing (Regalix 2014).
  • Multi-channel marketing (Redeye & TFM&A Insights 2014) and combining data from different sources (Regalix 2014).
  • Birthday wishes, abandoned shopping cart reminders and similar consumer communications (eMarketer 2013).
  • Customer acquisition and customership management (ACT-ON & Gleanster Research 2015).

Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

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