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Sales and marketing automation

Sales and marketing automation Jaakko Paalanen A fruitful cooperation is born when a qualified lead fluently moves from marketing to the use of the sales team. Jaakko Paalanen Head of Partnerships, Leadfeeder

One of the most important advantages of marketing automation is combining marketing and sales efforts. 

The automation technology helps your marketing department bring more qualified leads to the sales team. This way, sales can build more effective communication with the leads which reduces conversion time and improves customer experience. 

By integrating your marketing automation platform to a CRM system, your marketing department can track the sales conversion sources. Thus, you can easily identify the channels producing the highest ROI. 

How to enhance sales with automation?

How to enhance sales with automation?

Today, the buying process is fragmented and the traditional sales funnel becomes obsolete. Some of the purchase decisions happen before the customer is in any contact with your company. Marketing automation offers companies new ways to be present in the fragmented customer journey:

  • Reducing the number of cold calls
  • Working with sales-ready leads using lead scoring
  • Personalizing customer communication
  • Reducing lead response times
  • Analyzing multichannel data to collect more lead information 

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Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

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LianaCEM™ is an agile marketing automation tool that makes it easy and effortless to build your own automated campaigns. Marketing automation doesn't have to be a tedious IT-project – by choosing an agile platform you can quickly start from the basics and then move step by step towards a more refined automation plan.

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