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Viasat Finland

Viasat Finland

Viasat is a company that provides digital satellite TV channels, was founded in 1989 and is owned by Swedish MTG group. In addition to Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway it operates in Russia, the Baltic countries and Hungary. Viasat Finland Ltd is part of Swedish Modern Times Group AB media group (MTG) that is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In Finland Viasat offers over 50 channels; ice hockey, golf, hit movies, documents and Disney films for children. Viaplay web service is a portal where thousands of films, complete seasons of TV shows and live sports can be found.

The starting point for acquiring marketing automation

View image The starting point for acquiring marketing automation

The digital marketing tool Viasat previously used was viewed to be stiff and didn't respond to the growing needs of customer communications. Personalized messages couldn't be automated but instead required manual labor. The needs of customers and their behavior couldn't be recognized well enough so that they could advance in the marketing and sales funnel.

In order to develop their customer communications Viasat decided to get a marketing automation system. The most important objectives were to:

  • Automate multi-channel marketing
  • Make cross marketing more effective
  • Recognize customers better and make them committed
  • More efficiently convert potential customers into customers

Tender and launch

Tender and launch Tero Lintunen We started from welcoming and activating messages, from which we expand interfaces and the use of social media, and also make lead management more effective. We based our decision on the tool being easy to use and agile. Tero Lintunen Operations Manager, Viasat Finland

Viasat got offers from three different suppliers in the tender for a marketing automation system and chose Liana Technologies' LianaCEM platform. Along with the price, comprehensive integration possibilities to different sources, the possibility to refine customer data, the tool being agile and easy to use, as well as the possibilities for monitoring the effects and getting reports of campaigns weighed in the decision. Also easily accessible customer service and support were perceived as an important feature from the new supplier.

Automation project started from utlizing existing customer data by implementing and integration to the CRM system that Viasat uses. Telemarketing outbound system, as well as website competitions and made orders were used as sources. Based on this data, the first automated messages were sent to customers.

Messages to make the customer committed: Viaplay activation

Messages to make the customer committed: Viaplay activation

Viasat order includes free usage of the Viaplay web service. To make their customers committed, Viasat sends a personalized reminder about taking advantage of the free service. The segment for an automated activation message is searched daily from the CRM interface with the following criteria:

  • The customer has made an order 7 days earlier
  • The customer hasn't activated their Viaplay product
  • The package in use is: Gold/Sport/Entertainment
  • Language FIN/SWE

It is stressed in the personalized newsletter that Viaplay service is included in the customer's order free of charge and the goal is to get as many channel package users as possible to use the web service as well. All the data that is needed to login is provided in the letter to make the Viaplay activation effortless.

Welcome as a customer messages

Welcome as a customer messages

In addition to Viasat's own channels, important channels for selling are operators that offer Viasat's services in their stores, websites and through their customer service and telemarketing teams. In the future new operator customers get their first "Welcome as a customer" message straight from Viasat. The interface that is used for the welcome message is telemarketing outbound system from which a segment is brought to LianaCEM with the following criteria:

  • Order was made on the day before
  • Customer has chosen the package: Gold/Sport/Entertainment

The welcome letter can highlight some of the upcoming programs of the channel package the customer has chosen. The purpose of an automated message is above all to raise a new customer's expectations regarding the service and decrease the number of possible cancellations.


Results Tero Lintunen Since the introduction of marketing automation we have been able to activate relatively more Viaplay users than before. Also the customers' download rates of movies, tv shows and sports content have been growing. Tero Lintunen Operations Manager, Viasat Finland

With marketing automation Viasat can use its resources notably more efficiently than before because the planning and implementation of digital marketing for customers demands less manual labor.

Since the introduction of marketing automation we have been able to activate relatively more Viaplay users than in the years before. This is mostly due to how easy marketing automation is and the active use of CRM data. Also the customers' download rates of movies, tv shows and sports content have been growing because marketing automation helps customers to find content that particularly interests them. In the long run Viasat believes that customer satisfaction and stability increase with timely and relevant communications.

What our customers think

We switched from a cumbersome automation system to LianaCEM. The agility and user-friendliness of the platform were the most important criteria for choosing the system.
Tero Lintunen Operations Manager, Viasat Finland
Liana Technologies is our key partner in handling communication solutions. It's extremely efficient and practical to have all the digital solutions we need from the same provider.
Johanna Otranen Head of Communication, Destia

Interested in marketing automation?

Interested in marketing automation?

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