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One drop at a time

One drop at a time Ville Lehtoniemi Several variations of the automation chain can be customized to suit the behavior of the customer. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

An automated chain i.e. a drip campaign is a chain of rightly timed messages that are triggered by some event or at a certain time. Drip campaigns can be targeted at leads, existing customers, fans, employees, business partners, readers or new customers.

An automated chain doesn’t have to consist purely of emails, text messages and social media channels can also be included. Precise targeting and learning your customers’ habits and turning them into messages is common for all drip campaigns. The more carefully all phases are planned out, the better the results are. The chain can also have variations, that move the customer forward in different ways depending on their actions.

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Guide towards the purchase

Guide towards the purchase

The most traditional way of utilizing drip campaigns is leading the customer step by step to making a purchase decision.

  • Welcome your new subscribers and introduce the company services.
  • Download the newest white paper on marketing automating – would you like to reserve a time for consultation?
  • We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter! Please allow us to introduce our newest product.
  • An invitation to an expo – meet our sales team!


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Since people mostly learn by receiving information gradually, are drip campaigns excellent for training purposes. A new client can be taught to handle a newly acquired system by telling them once a month a bit more about the usage of the system.

  • Welcome as our customer – here are five steps to get your started.
  • We hope you enjoy our product – download a quick guide that helps you get the most out of it.
  • Have you encountered problems? Here are the most common questions and solutions. PS: Did you know that you can purchase additional training?
  • From our customers: Case examples on how to use the system.



Drip campaigns are often used to activate passive customers – and perhaps saying goodbye.

  • We miss you – welcome to shop with us with a 50 % discount!
  • You have one more day to use your discount!
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 during the next campaign
  • We are sorry to see that you haven’t bought anything in a while. However, we won’t bother you further! We will now remove you fron our mailing lists, but you are always welcome to rejoin, if you want to return!

Make additional sales

Make additional sales

When a customer has purchased something, for example one night at a hotel, a message chain can be used to offer other additional services. For example a message chain for a reservation site for accomodation could be:

  • Thank you for your reservation – would you like to upgrade your room?
  • Your holiday is getting closer! Here are a few tips on what your destination has to offer.
  • One week until your trip! Have you made reservations for the hotel restaurant and day spa?
  • We are awaiting you tomorrow! Would you like to have something special wait for you in your room?
  • Thank you for visiting – book the next night with a 20 % discount straight from the hotel and save money!

What our customers think

The customer really matters for Liana Technologies, which shows as friendly, quick and professional service. The real time online chat has been an irreplaceable help in urgent situations.
Stiina Laaksonen Publicist, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies
The Liana Technologies support chat works like a charm. You get a solution to an acute problem immediately. After getting this kind of realtime customer support makes it hard to settle for a service that makes you wait for answers.
Anna Mäkelä Head of Communication, IAB Finland Oy

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Interested? Contact us for more Information!

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