Utilize Existing Customer Data

Existing Customer Data

Existing Customer Data Pia Hakola Marketing automation utilizes customer data from the CRM, webstore and other systems and turns them into real marketing actions. Pia Hakola Account Director, Liana Technologies

Most companies continuously collect an enormous amount of customer data. However, the valuable data is rarely used to its full potential, as the data is spread out between different systems and people. Utilizing this data should be the first step when starting out with marketing automation. It is an excellent way to test automation in practice and find out what data is already available and what is needed to develop communications further.

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CRM + Marketing Automation

CRM + Marketing Automation

Examples on combining the CRM system and marketing automation:

  • Automate your targeted newsletter to different customer segments depending on their customer phase or activity
  • Send out automatic offers or proposals to meet to clients who haven’t purchased anything in a year
  • Send out event invitations to all prospects that you have already met with once
  • Send out an automatic reminder to renew a contract well before the contract actually ending
  • Send out an automatic welcome campaign to new customers
  • Automate collecting feedback from former clients

eCommerce + Marketing Automation

eCommerce + Marketing Automation

Combining eCommerce data with marketing automation is extremely effective for additional sales and cross-selling. However, there are also other uses.

  • Divide your customers based on their purchases and send out targeted newsletters to different segments
  • Send out an automated newsletter to customers who purchased a certain product and recommend complementary products
  • Send out reminders to renew subscriptions
  • When a customer purchases a product, send an automatic info package on how to get the most out of the product
  • Send out reminders of abandoned shopping carts and offer help and support

Booking Systems + Marketing Automation

Booking Systems + Marketing Automation

Different booking systems offer excellent opportunities for using automations effectively and creatively.

  • If you have customers from an international booking service, offer them a lower price if they book straight from you next time.
  • Send an automated drip campaign to customers who have booked a trip. Offer additional services and information about the destination.
  • Send your customers an offer about a dentist appointment or vehicle inspection a year after their previous appointment.
  • Automatically ask for feedback after an event and remember to advertise the next event as well.

Kuopion Energia renews their contracts with a personalized newsletter

Kuopion Energia renews their contracts with a personalized newsletter Jorma Takkinen 35% of our customers renew their contracts straight from the offer of renewal newsletter. Jorma Takkinen Electricity Trade Specialis, Kuopion Energia

Kuopion Energia uses their existing customer data and electronic newsletters to renew their customers’ electricity contracts. The company’s customers receive a newsletter with a new, personalized offer when their contract is about to expire. The results of the personalized offers are exceptional: 35 % of customers renew their contracts straight from the personal newsletter. 

If the customer doesn’t grab onto the offer in the newsletter they will be sent a reminder via SMS. After the SMS reminders, customer service will call the customer personally, if necessary. This saves up a lot of company resources company and makes the process of renewing contracts more efficient.

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The Liana Technologies support chat works like a charm. You get a solution to an acute problem immediately. After getting this kind of realtime customer support makes it hard to settle for a service that makes you wait for answers.
Anna Mäkelä Head of Communication, IAB Finland Oy
We feel like we can trust Liana as a technical partner. If there's ever a problem the technical support is always ready to help. The Liana customer service is magnificent!
Terttu Niutanen Head of Communication, Sinebrychoff

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