Usage of Marketing Automation

Existing Customer Data

Existing Customer Data Jorma Takkinen We utilize our customer data by offering a new electricity contract to customers whose contracts are about to end. 35 % of our customers renew their contracts straight from these newsletters. Jorma Takkinen Electricity Trade Expert, Kuopion Energia

Many companies don’t utilize their valuable customer data. It’s left to simply lie in the system without its potential being explored. The first step to marketing automation should be to utilize the customer data already available to the company. This is an excellent way to test automation in practice and find out what data is already available and what is needed to develop communications further.

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Routine Messages

Routine Messages Samuel Sihvola Systematic messages from the web store are a good example of automated messages with lots of marketing potential. For example, the open ratio (OR) for order confirmations is over 100 % as the messages are usually opened several times. Samuel Sihvola Key Account Manager, Liana Technologies

It is common knowledge that acquiring new customers is much more expensive than keeping an already existing customership and developing it further. Every moment of interaction between the customer and company is precious. Automating contact points can save up resources and the customer will be taken care of even when the customer service staff is not available.

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Generating and Nurturing Leads

View image Generating and Nurturing Leads Johanna Lammassaari Customers can be encouraged to identify themselves by offering for example information, entertainment, discounts or social networking. Johanna Lammassaari Marketing Manager, Liana Technologies

One of the most critical parts of marketing automation is recognizing the customer. After filling out their contact information, a website visitor will turn from a faceless internet user into a potential customer with a name. They will be built a profile, which will start to fill up with information about for example newsletters, social media, the webstore or CMR system.

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Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns Juho Antikainen An automated chain can contain newsletters, SMS messages and publications on social media. Juho Antikainen Sales Manager, Liana Technologies

An automated chain i.e. a drip campaign is a chain of rightly timed messages that are triggered by some event or at a certain time. It can be used to guide, teach and activate customers in the long run. Drip campaigns are carefully targeted and based on the customers’ habits – the more carefully the different phases are planned, the better the results are.

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Social Media

Social Media Juho Mattila Social media can be used to collect contact information for automation use. Customer information can also work as a base for retargeting on social media. Juho Mattila Business Director, Marketing Automation, Liana Technologies

Perhaps the most traditional way of combining social media to marketing automation is automating publications in different social media channels. Automation in social media can also be combined with other digital marketing channels – for example by collecting newsletter subscribers straight from social media or targeting automated messages to people who downloaded a white paper. The content that customers see on social media can also be targeted based on their profiles and interests.

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What our customers think

As the amount of email people receive keeps growing , the need to offer more relevant and targeted content becomes a requirement. We also had an internal pressure to save resources and reach our goals. This made it necessary to automate some of the messaging instead of doing it by hand.
Johanna Koskela Communication Specialist, The Finnish special library Celia
The customer really matters for Liana Technologies, which shows as friendly, quick and professional service. The real time online chat has been an irreplaceable help in urgent situations.
Stiina Laaksonen Publicist, MTL - The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies

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